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Understanding a Woman's Body Language
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It is very important to notice and understand a woman's body language, gestures and other non-verbal communication when you first meet or start dating. A woman's body will tell you many things she isn't saying and this will let you know how she is feeling about you.

A woman's non-verbal communication can be broken down into the following areas: body language, acts of grooming, nervous energy, touching and mimicking.

Body Language
Body language will tell you how open a woman is to you - interested women display open body language.

Open body language starts with a face that is animated, expressive or engaging and an easy, natural smile. A big smile which shows teeth is a good first sign. An open and inviting face should be matched by an open body stance in which she faces you squarely with her shoulders parallel to yours, toes pointing to you, with her eyes looking into your eyes. An open body stance visibly shows that she is interested and comfortable.

If a woman leans squarely in to you and then looks into your eyes, this is even better. The longer the gaze, the more interested she is. Other signs of an open body position include open palms where you can see the inside of her hands and wrists. A more overt woman may even stick out her chest or accentuate other body parts by stance or posture. Women also secretly show their interest by lips that are slightly opened when you first meet, by shrugging shoulders which shows they are harmless or that they give up, and the raising and lowering of the eyebrows or 'making eyes'.

Compare open body language with closed body language which shows guarding, discomfort and disinterest. In a closed body position, a woman turns her body away from you which is often called the 'cold shoulder'. In turning away from you, she also has her feet and toes pointed away and she almost appears ready to flee. She is likely not smiling much and looks away often. Other signs of a closed body position include folding of arms, crossing of legs, covering or hiding of body parts including hiding of the hands, palms and wrists. A woman may hide her hands behind her, put them in her pockets or feel more comfortable sitting on them. Clenching of fists, grabbing a drink or her handbag with both hands also show signs of discomfort and uneasiness.

Men, keep in mind that women notice and are attracted to your open body language. Use the signs of open body language yourself to be noticed by women and to show them you are open, confident and approachable.

Acts of Grooming
When a woman displays small signs of grooming while looking and talking to you, she is trying to look her best for you. Grooming acts include moving hair that is in front of her face with either a head movement or by using her hands. Grooming also includes brushing her hair with her hands, licking her lips and teeth, putting on lipstick or gloss, or placing a fingernail between her teeth.

Nervous Energy
If she touches her ears, lips, cheeks, face, or wrists while looking at you, this is a sign of nervous energy and good sign for you. Some people believe that in touching herself in these gentle ways, she is actually mildly stimulating herself.

Positive nervous energy can also be displayed if she plays with her hair, rubs her glass up and down with one hand, sips her drink more quickly, or inhales her cigarette more often. The heart of on interested woman beats faster and she is letting out this energy in this way. Fidgeting or playing with items such as rings, necklaces and her purse are also good signs. Eye contact with you while she displays nervous energy is sure sign that you are the cause of this nervous energy rather than her being agitated by someone or something else.

Touching and Mimicking
Toucing is perhaps the strongest signal a woman can give you. If a woman touches you anywhere including your arms, back and shoulder, and especially your thighs and hands, this is a very good sign. She is showing that she is comfortable with you and comfortable getting closer to you. Has a woman ever taken your arm and led you somewhere? This is one step beyond touching and it is even a sign to others that you are together.

Mimicking is another behavior which demonstrates her interest. If she raises, lowers and generally matches your volume, speed and manner of talking, she is trying to be like you. She may also imitate your body motions and actions, she may laugh when you laugh and increasingly make more eye contact with you - these are sure signs that a dance has begun.

Women tell us many things with their bodies that they are not saying - it is time we start listening.

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