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Tips To Avoid Telephone Solicitation Calls and to End Them Quickly
shared by Brian
Telephone solicitation is one of the plagues of this earth in my opinion. Here is how I avoid telephone solicitation calls or end them very quickly.

After I say "hello", if I there is a significant delay before I hear a response, I hang up knowing it is a telephone solicitation call. Very few telephone solicitors actually dial the phone these days. Unfortunately for us, our phone numbers are in huge databases that are automatically dialed for telephone solicitors.

When an automatically dialed number is answered, the call is transferred to a human solicitor. These automated systems have a delay while the call is being transferred to a human. If I don't hear a quick response, this tells me that this a telephone solicitor and I hang up.

By doing this, I estimate that I avoid 70% of telephone solicitation calls. Are you worried that you might hang up on an important real phone call? Don't worry about that, real people call back, solicitors don't. I estimate that I only hang up on real calls 1 in 50 times. If real people calling are slow to respond, it is because they were fumbling around with a cell phone or they were busy doing something else when they call - and they always call back after being hung up on at which time I apologize for hanging up.

So how about the 30% of telephone solicitation calls that I do actually field? That is usually because I was slow in hanging up. If do wind up talking to a solicitor, here is how I end the call almost immediately (without just hanging up on them).

Solicitors often start with something like, "Hello my name is Bob and I am calling from XYX about window cleaning...". I don't let them finish their sentence and I say, "I am sorry but I don't accept telephone solicitations." and I hang up. I don't feel guilty in the least about hanging up or not letting them finish their sentence. I explained my position to them and I am not interested in hearing their response or rebuttal.

Some solicitors take a less direct approach and start with, "Hello, may I speak to Mr. or Mrs. So and So". Well, none of my friends or people who know me address me like that. When I hear that, I once again don't let them finish their sentence and I go to the standard, "I am sorry but I don't accept telephone solicitations" and then hang up. Perhaps 1 in 100 times they were legitimate calls, and guess what, if they are, they call back. I have never been called back by a solicitor.

So the next time you get a call from a solicitor, don't dance around on a hot seat with lines like, "Sorry, we're not interested." or "This is not a good time for me, can you call back later." or "The owners of the house aren't home". These people are disturbing you without your consent. Take charge and avoid the call or end it quickly.

Life is short, don't let telephone solicitors waste your time or make you feel uncomfortable. Hang up on them if they are slow to respond and if you do talk to them, tell them, "I'm sorry but I don't accept telephone solicitations" and then end the call.

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